Photo of Ashley/andmade

Ashley. My tastes lend themselves to sci-fi to magic to world-saving to world-rebuilding. I'm #teamcap, #teamvalor, and #teamgetitdone.


My current goal is to take a year off to clear my gaming backlog become a web developer! I really love the problem-solving of trying to get code (whether it's the back-end or the front-end) to play nice and make the web great.


To get my dream off the ground, I'm currently taking courses at the Harvard Extension School with the intent to pursue a master's in Digital Media Design. So far I've taken or am in the process of taking:
  • CSCI E-3: Introduction to Web Programming UsingJavaScript
  • CSCI E-12: Fundamentals of Website Development
  • CSCI E-15: Dynamic Web Applications
  • DGMD E-20: Modern and Mobile Front-End Web Design I


Of course, achieving this and taking these classes requires work to pay the bills. Currently, I work at the Harvard Kennedy School running behind faculty putting out fires assisting them.