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This go around, the team at Crystal Dynamics went above and beyond making sure you earn the mantle of "Survivor." Hunting receives a renewed focus from the previous Tomb Raider, now serving to create more climate appropriate outfits for Lara or to make larger carrying pouches.

In keeping with the more heavily-armed enemy crew Lara encounters, she receives far fewer arrows from enemy supplies than before - and must now gather wood to craft her own. Automatic healing during battle occurs slower (or not at all on my current difficulty level) and, in a move reminiscent of The Last of Us, Lara must have the necesary supplies (cloth and herbs) to bandage her wounds and heal.

I'm only about 25% of my way through the game, but the improvements made in this sequel so far have already pushed it ahead of its predecessor.

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Say what...? Preorders?

Proverbial wisdom says not to preorder games, something repeated with renewed vigor after the recent over-hyped non-starter No Man's Sky. But there are some series I'm just a sucker for (Persona) and some I've waited almost 84 10 years for (Final Fantasy XV, The Last Guardian). Plus, those pre-order bonuses on some of these collector's editions are hard to resist...